Vincent Van Go Go - People, 2x10"

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Vincent Van Go Go - People

Label: Murena Records

Format: Vinyl 2x10"

Udgivet: 2008

Info: Produced & performed by Vincent Van Go Go

Johannes "Johs" Nørrelykke: Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Synths, Handclaps, Piano on "Fill It Up With People"

Dennis "Ghettoblast" Ahlgren: Organ, Piano, Synths, Handclaps, Guitar on "Stap Staring"

Janus Nevel Ringsted: Drums, Percussion, Handclaps

Thomas "Terry Tester" Månsson: Scratch, Samples, Handclaps

Kristian "Scooter" Kold: Bass, Handclaps


Side A

1. Fill It Up With People

2. The Muse

3. handclaps

Side B

4. Balele Blackstar

5. Rockstar Politics

6. Yell Yeah!

7. A+

Side C

8. Crimeboy

9. Strange Ways

10. Diggin'

Side D

11. The Good Work

12. Stop Staring

13. Wabadi Ass (Bonustrack)