Urban Broadcast - Live Transmission, 12"

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Urban Broadcast - Live Transmission


Label: Midirush

Format: Vinyl

Udgivet: 2001

Info: All tracks produced by Azerel (J. Werner) for Midirush Productions and co-produced by K-V (V. Holm).

Background vocals on "Live Transmission" by Irene Narvaez.

Recorded at Showstoppers Empire by Merry Tee except "Intro" recorded in the streets of New York by Urban Broadcast and "Live Transmission" recorded at $kandalø$ Studios by Vagn Luv.

All Tracks mixed and mastered by Vagn Luv at $kandalø$ Studios.


A1. Intro (Special Guest: Percee-P)

A2. Live Transmission

A3. Head Honchos (Feat. Acorn)

Cuts by DJ Scratchmagic

A4. Head Honchos (Instrumental)

B1. U Must Know This (Feat. Creative)

Cuts by DJ Noize

B2. U Must Know This (Instrumental)

B3. Live Transmission (Instrumental)