Track72 - Rockin', CD

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Track72 - Rockin'

Label: Good Music Records & Playground

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2005

Info: Produced, arranged, scratched, synthezised, performed by Tue Track72 aka. Kristiansen for Track 72 & LSD-Voksen Musik.

Recorded at Planet Track & Ol' Fashioned Prodlab, Booty Cologne Studio, Typhoon's Basementos & City Hall Music

Mixed & mastered at Focus Recordings by Saqib & Track 72 exept for "Light My Fire" RMX - Mixed in Ol' Fashioned Prodlab by Saqib & Track 72


a. Caught Ya' Eye From A Flyin' Rhubarb Pie (Recorded 2005)

Intro effects: Saqib & Tue Track 72

b. Two Park (Recorded 2005)

c. We Been Here From The Start feat. Craig & Jahl (Recorded 2005)

Lyrics written by Craig Curry aka Craig G & T.A. Jahi

d. Dat Shit feat. Wildchild (Recorded 2005)

Lyrics written by Jack Brown aka. Wildchild

e. Adult Musik (Recorded 2004/2005)

Choir: Sara Salla, Las Angeles, Kathusja

f. The Best Kept Secret feat. Static & Nat Ill (Recorded 2005)

Lyrics written by Rasmus Lauridsen aka. Nat Ill

Scratch: DJ Static

g. We're Willing feat. J-Ro (Recorded 2005)

Lyrics written by James Robinson aka. J-Ro

Narrator: Honestly

h. Delirium (Our Leader's A Bitch - Ain't That A Prick) (Recorded 2005)

i. So Fresh feat. Rasheed aka Maylay Sparks (Recorded 2003)

Lyrics written by A. Rahsheed Grey aka. Maylay Sparks

Choir: Sara Salla, Las Angeles, Kathusja

j. One Mic + Two O-Tables feat. Wildchild (Recorded 2005)

Lyrics written by Jack Brown aka. Wildchild

Choir: Sara Salla, Las Angeles, Kathusja

k. Kehbox Analasys Part 2 & 3 (Recorded 1999/2000)

l. Rockin' (Recorded 2004/2005)

Percussion MBM (Mads Michelsen)

m. Soul Sonic (Recorded 2004)'

Percussion MBM (Mads Michelsen)

n. Bango (Recorded 2005)

Percussion MBM (Mads Michelsen)

o. Light My Fire RMX feat. Abdullah S (Recorded 2000)

Written by Jim Morrison/Ray Manzarek/John Desmore/Robert Krieger

Intro/Outro Synth/Vocorder: Sune M. Pedersen

Lead Vocal: Abdullah S