J-Spliff - ThreeSixty, 2LP

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J-Spliff - ThreeSixty

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Label: CipherZone

Format: 2LP

Udgivet: 2009

Info: Executive Producer: Crateraider

Recorded in: WhyYou Studio

Mixed by: Danny Krøger at Baby Factory

Photos by: Carsten Seidel

Graphics by: KhalOne

Co-Mixed & Mastered by: Victor Jupin at Baby Factory


Side A

01. ThreeSixty

Produced by Face It

02. GO!

Produced by PhaFalAion

Cuts by DJ Diverze

03. Come In Peace (Featuring Planet Asia & Nat Ill)

Produced by Crateraider

Cuts by DJ Static

Side B

04. Get Loose

Produced by Beatman & Rockin

05. My Connect (Featuring Mic Geronimo)

Produced by Pitchshifters

Co-Produced by Adam Sampler

06. So Much

Produced by Crateraider

Additional vocals by Jonas Rendbo

07. Warning! (Featuring Kid Vishis, Royce da 5'9" & Substance)

Produced by Adam Sampler

Side C

08. State of Mind (Featuring Sean Price)

Produced by PhaFalAion

09. Do That Shit

Produced by WhyYou

10. Moonshine

Produced by Prodest

Additional vocals by Jonas Rendbo

Side D

11. Speak Mines (Featuring Icewater & Nappion)

Produced by DJ Miraculez

Cuts by DJ Miraculez

Additional vocals by Gypsies

12. The Truth (Featuring Wordsworth & Masta Ace)

Produced by Crateraider

13. Hard to Face

Produced by Crateraider