J-Spliff - Not Many, CD Single

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J-Spliff - Not Many

Label: Cipher Zone Records

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2004

Info: Recorded & mastered by Merry Tee at Showstoppers Empire.

Executive producers: Crateraider & J-Spliff.

All cuts by DJ Miraculez


1. Not Many (Feat. John B)

Produced by Mighty One for Last Rock

Arranged by Crateraider - Mixed by Merry Tee

2. Not Many (Crateraider Remix)

Produced & arranged by Crateraider

Mixed by Merry Tee & Crateraider

3. What's That Shinin'? (Feat. Mr. Malchau)

Produced & arranged by PhaFalAion for Phriomind

Mixed by Merry Tee

4. Not Many (Instrumental)

5. Not Many (Crateraider Remix Instrumental)

6. What's That Shinin' (Instrumental)