Gypsies - One Hand Up, CD

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Gypsies - One Hand Up

Label: At:tack / A:larm Music

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2007

Info: All music composed, played, arranged, recorded & produced by Gypsies & Fridolin Nordsø

Except strings: arranged by Fridolin played by Alexander Kraglund

Whistle on "Sun'd In My Face" by Christopher Læsø

Scratch on "Sin City" by Turkman Souljah

All lyrics by Shaka Loveless


Underground: Shaka Loveless & Benjamin Kissi. Interlude: Roc C. Interplanetary: Shaka Loveless, Oh No, Wildchild & Dudley Perkins. 68: Shaka Loveless & Pase Rock. Where Ur Hear's At: Shaka Loveless & Waqas Ali. (Waqas Qadri appears courtesy of RCA/Sony MBG music Entertainment Denmark A/S)

Mixed & mastered by Fredik Tao. Recorded at Superstar Music


1. What's That Sound?

2. Underground

3. Part Of Me

4. One Hand Up

5. DK

6. Full Throttle

7. Interlude feat. Roc C

8. Interplanetary feat. DJ Romes, Oh No, Wildchild & Dudley Perkins

9. Here They Come Again

10. 68 feat. Pase Rock

11. Sin City feat. Guilty Simpson

12. Sun's In My Face

13. Where Ur Heart's At feat. Waqas Ali