Gisli - Sky High, 12"

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Gisli - Sky High

Label: Run For Cover

Format: Vinyl

Udgivet: 2003

Info: All of Gisli's vocals are recorded at the Windmill Booth in Ulfborg (engeneer; DJ Talkback). Prince Poetry's vocals are recorded at Unique Studios, NYC. Mastered by: Vagn Luv


A1. Sky High

(G. Gislason, L. Østergaard)

Produced by: DJ Talkback.

Additional vocals by: Rune. The 4 bars at the end of 3rd verse written by: Jack White for The White Stripes.

Mixed by: DJ Talkback

A2. Even In My Dreams (Feat. Prince Poetry)

(G. Gislason, L. Baskerville, S. Hermansen)

Remixed by: Gettic.

Chorus written by: Gisli

Arranged by: Prince Poetry

Mixed by: DJ Talkback and Gettic

Original production by: Domingo

A3. Sky High (Instrumental)

B1. Quiet Days

(G. Gislason, L. Østergaard)

Produced by: DJ Talkback

Mixed by: DJ Talkback

Additional vocals by: Gisli

B2. You

(G. Gislason, J. Simonsen)

Produced by: Lil' Jay

Bass by: Kristian Krämer

B3. Quiet Days (Instrumental)