Diverse / Kompilationer - dk phluids.., CD

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Diverse / Kompilationer - dk phluids..

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Front cover

Label: [rosa] - The Danish Rock Council

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2002

Info: This project was co-ordinated by Bo Pedersen with help of Jakob Domino & the rest of the [rosa] staff.

The tracks was selected by Bo Pedersen (phluids), Kim Sæther (DJ Noize), Henning Winther (Kroner & Øre) & Jakob Domino [rosa].

CD mastered at ShowStoppers Empire by Merry Tee.


1. Static & NatiLL - 50/50

produced by DJ Static

written by NatiLL

(T. Schwarz & R. Lauritsen)

Courtesy Masters on Broadway

2. Smoke Squad - Salvation

produced by J-Spliff for Last Rock Productions

co-produced by Phafalaion for Acthrapid Cut's

written by J-Spliff

cuts by The Guy

(J. Jørgense & A. Nystrøm)

3. Baya - Stop, Look And Listen

featuring vocals by Ty

produced by Phats Stokes

written by Baya & Ty

(B.Y. Mathiasen & T. Brooks)

4. Freddie Nuker - Ready To Blow

produced by Lil' Jay for Skakmat Productions

written by Freddie Nuker

cuts by DJ Knud

(F. Laursen & J. Simonsen)

5. Delireeus - Uncut & Raw

featuring DJ Noize on cuts

written and produced by J-Cope & Fluidman

(B. Pedersen & J. Pedersen)

Courtesy Thereweeez Records

6. Gemini - The Experience

produced by Context

written by Gemini

(N. Vonsild & J. Ansfelt)

7. Mr. Malchau - The Illest

produced by Lil' Jay for Skakmat Productions

written by Mr. Malchau

cuts by DJ Noize

(M. Malchau & J. Simonsen)

8. Funk Flush - Official Funk Flush

produced by Acorn

written by Creative, Tjes Boogie & Knox

cuts by Scratch Magic

(B. Rasmussen, J. Melskens, T.B. Jensen & J. Andersen)

courtesy of DRA Records

9. Acorn - Dropzone

produced by Jesta & Acorn for Room uv Funk Productions

written by Acorn

(J. Andersen & J.R. Christensen)

Courtesy DTM Management

10. Top Notti - Verbal Kickazz

produced by Dierect

cuts by DJ NoDoubt

written by Nappion, Illah Live and Dierect

(C. Thabane, R. Jørgensen, R. Friis Boisen & J.N. Johansen)

11. Urban Broadcast - Live Transmission

produced by Azerel

co-produced by K-V Midirush Productions

background vocals by Irene Narvaez

written by Azerel and Konscious-V

(V. Holm & J. Werner)

12. Dopamin - No More Time

produced by Paulo

written by Max & Paulo

cuts by Son of a Itch

(P. Palomino & M. Müller)