Diverse / Kompilationer - Tha' Funky Buddha Mix Vol. 1, LP

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Diverse / Kompilationer - The Funky Buddha Mix Vol 1

Label: Funky Buddha Records / Mega Records

Format: LP

Udgivet: 1993

Info: All tracks published by Megasong Publishing except:

A2: Tee Girl Music / Irish Intellect Music / Soul Assassins Music admin. by MCA Music Publishing

B1: Willesden Music / CPMK Sounds / Zomba Enterprises, Inc. / Jazz Merchant Music

B4: PRI Music / PolyGram Songs

B6: Ham Stew Music


A1. Agony Brothers "Damm (Who Gots Tha' Loot)" 5:11

(Phase 5, Tha' Prune Bros. / Al Agami, Kuku, AG)

Produced by Phase 5 & Tha' Prune Bros.

A Funky Buddha production

A2. House Of Pain "Jump Around" (Bomb 'Em Remix) 3:49

(B. Relf & E. Nelson)

Remixed by Phase 5 & Da' Mystic "M"

Licensed from Tommy Boy Music, Inc.

A3. No Name Requested "Come Ina De Dance" 3:43

(Phase 5, Yo-A-Kim / No Name Requested)

Produced by Phase 5 & Yo-A-Kim

A Funky Buddha Records production

A4. Al Agami "Shake'N'Bake" 4:23

(Phase 5 / Al Agami)

Produced by Phase 5

From forthcoming album "Covert Operations"

A Funky Buddha Records production

A5. Deep Fried "Forgive Me Father" 4:13

(Phase 5, Peter Birström / Deep Fried)

Produced by Phase 5

Co-produced by Peter Birström

A Funky Buddha Records production

B1. Fu-Schnickens "True Fuschnick" (Ragga Version) 4:33


Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

Remixed by Phase 5

Licensed from Zomba Records Corporation

B2. The Real Skinriders "Drop Tha' Gun" 4:39

(Phase 5 / The Real Skinriders)

Produced by Phase 5

A Funky Buddha Records production

B3. Bass And Trouble "Real And Official" (Ruff Vers.) 3:25

(Yo-A-Kim, Philip K)

Produced by Phase 5 & Yo-A-Kim

A Funky Buddha Records production

B4. Dr. Baker "Save Your Love" (The Funky Buddha Bunny Mix) 5:55

(G. Guthrie, D. Conley, D. Townshend, B. Jackson)

Remixed by Phase 5, Yo-A-Kim

A Coma Records Release

A Funky Buddha Records Remix

B5. U.R.D. "Bukkiland" 4:45

(URD & Mikkel DeMib)

A Funky Buddha production

B2. Zapp Zapp "The Same Thing" (Phase 5 Buddha Remix) 5:50

(Sylvester Stewart)

Produced by Phase 5

A Mega Records production