Diverse / Kompilationer - Consent To Savage, LP

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Diverse / Kompilationer - Consent To Savage



Format: LP

Udgivet: 1994

Info: Idé og koncept udviklet af Andy Max Jensen, HARDWAX.


1 Side

01. DJ Static & DJ Scan - Intro

02. Funny Pharm Feat. Part B - Let Me Hear You Say

Produced by Funny Pharm

03. Fat Frequency Feat. Desmond Foster & Leaf Nuts - Why Me Wooda Want A Gal

Produced by Dez & Ski

04. Sund Fornuft - Det Hele Er Til Højre (It's All Right)

Produced by Langemand

Co-produced by Sund Fornuft

05. Funky Identity - Hip Hop Music To Rock The Bells

Produced by F.I.D.

06. Jehovas Naughty Deziples - We Got A Choice

Produced by Jehovas Naughty Deziples

Side 2

07. Kenneth K & DJ Static - E-K-Trip

Produced by DJ Static

08. Fat Frequency Feat. T-Root & Leaf Nuts - Condomina

Produced by Ski & Dez

09. Prophets Of Da City - Understand Where I'm Coming From

Produced by Shaheen & Ready D Caramel

10. Pfasic - We Don’t Cause Trouble

Produced by Pfasic

11. Know How - Getataste

Produced by Know How

12. Fat Frequency Feat. Leaf Nuts - Leaf Nuts

Produced by Ski & Dez