Delireeus - Right Where?, 12"

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Delireeus - Right Where?

Label: Thereweeez Records

Format: 12"

Udgivet: 2000

Info: All lyrics and music by J. Pedersen and B. Pedersen (Delireeus) for Thereweeez Music, except "Total Extermination" featuring J. Agami and N. Vonsild. Cuts on "Right Where?" by DJ Scratchmagic and on "Total Extermination" by DJ Knud. Recorded and mastered at Showstoppers Empire by Merry Tee.


This Side

1. Right Where? (Original)

2. Right Where? (Clean)

3. Right Where? (Instrumental)

Other Side

1. Total Extermination (Original)

feat. Gemini & Joseph Agami

2. Total Extermination (Instrumental)

3. Right Where? Remix (Clean)