Critical Basis - How To CB, 12"

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Critical Basis - How To CB

Label: Mega Records / Funky Buddha Records

Format: 12"

Udgivet: 1992

Info: Written and arranged by Critical Basis

Produced by Critical Basis and Phase 5

Co-produced by Chief 1

Remixed by Phase 5

Engineered by Mikkel Demib

Recorded and mixed at Teentown Studios


Side A:

A1. How To C.B. (Original Version)

A2. How To C.B. (Instrumental)

A3. How To C.B. (Radio Edit)

Side B:

B1. How To C.B. (Phase 5 Remix)

B2. How To C.B. (Phase'o'mental)

B3. B-Side Earpleezer