Boulevard Connection, The - Copenhagen Claimin' Respect, 12" Japan limited edition

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Boulevard Connection, The - Copenhagen Claimin' Respect

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Front cover

Label: Up Above & Boulevard Connection Records

Format: 12"

Udgivet: 2000

Info: Lyrics: Iriscience, Maylay Sparks & The Last Emperor.

Cuts: DJ Babu.

Produced by Context.

Recorded: Superstar Studios (Vesterbro).

Mixed by: Typhoon, Lars Vissing.

Mastered by: Teis Frandsen.

Executive producers: Typhoon & Peter Peaceplace

Scandalous Remix produced by DJ A-1 (Spin Scaanlous / S.G.B.)

Cover artwork by trg1215


Side A

1. Copenhagen (Claimin' Respect) (Original)

2. Copenhagen (Claimin' Respect) (Original - Instrumental)

Side B

1. Copenhagen (Claimin' Respect) (Scandalous Remix)

2. Copenhagen (Claimin' Respect) (Scandalous Remix - Instrumental)