Blachman Thomas Meets Al Agami And Remee - The Style And Invention Album, CD

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Blachman Thomas Meets Al Agami And Remee - The Style And Invention Album

Label: YMOMM

Format: CD

Udgivet: 1994

Info: All music composed and arranged by Blachman Thomas.

All lyrics by: Remee, Al Agami; except 2,7: Remee, Al Agami, Blachman Thomas; 10: Remee, Al Agami, Deep Fried.

All tracks produced by Blachman Thomas and René Cambony; except 11: produced by Blachman Thomas, René Cambony. Co-produced by Chief 1; 8: produced by Blachman Thomas & Chief 1; 9: produced by Blachman Thomas, René Cambony & Phase 5; 13: Produced by Blachman Thomas & Lasse Illinton; 1,2,14: Produced by Blachman Thomas.

Mixed by Blachman Thomas, Mulgurul, Memid & Phase 5. Mixed In Teentown. Published by Megasong Publishing.

Rap vocals: Remee and Al Agami

Drums: Blachman Thomas

Acoustic Bass: Jens Kristian Uhrenholdt

Piano: Carsten Dahl

Trupmet: Lars Vissing

Female Vocalist: Peaches

Tenor & Soprane Saxophone: Jacob Dinesen

Bass Trombone: Niels Gerhardt

Flute: Thomas Agergaard


1. Intro

2. Like This (Give Me A Kiss)

3. The Way U Wanna See Me

4. Next Door Man

5. Love U Day

6. Piper Hyper

7. Keep It Simple

8. Naturally Materialistic

9. Punch

10. That's Life

11. Easy Ed

12. Alive At The Piccadilly (Part II)

13. Aphorisms

14. Outtro