Acorn - From Acorn II Mighty Oak, CD

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Acorn - From Acorn II Mighty Oak

Label: Selvfinancieret

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2000

Info: Produceret af Acorn, Jesta, DJ Static & Madness 4 Real

Scratch af DJ Static, DJ Hotkutt & DJ Noize


1. Got That Shit

2. Too Advanced

3. Run Your Mouth

4. That Lie Shit

5. Go To Hell

6. Beautiful Thing feat. Szhirley

7. Annihilation feat. N.O.B.L.E.

8. From Acorn II Mighty Oak

9. A´s Live

10. Shock The Universe feat. Funk Flush

11. Ah Yeah

12. The Green Tale

13. Grown Mighty

14. You Shine The Most

15. Big Boys Interlude

16. Step To This feat. Nat Ill

17. Bonded By Blood

18. What Do You Want feat. Orgie-E, Tjes Boogie & Clemens