Acorn - Cold Minds & Goldmines, CD

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Acorn - Cold Minds & Gold Mines

Label: Selvfinancieret

Format: CD

Udgivet: 1998

Info: All tracks produced & arranged by Acorn.

Recorded at Jesta's Room Of Funk. Mixed by Jesta and Acorn.

All Cuts by DJ Hotkutt.

Executive Producer: Acorn.

Interludes co-produced by Jesta.

Mastering by Merry Tee.

Photos by Acorn and Lædderlappen, Cover by Martin Bukh.


1. Intro

2. Shrines Og I.Q.

3. Progress

4. Above Criticism

5. Ode To Cuts

6. Situations feat. Tjes Boogie

7. Time Is Near

8. The Call

9. Cold Stares feat. Majid

10. Playback

11. Sharkattacks

12. Cold Minds & Gold Mines feat. Big Fiend & Mic Jedi

13. Hopin' For The Best feat. Cashpar

14. Homemade Brainbombs