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The Band started in 1989 with 2 members. Within 2 years the band grew to become a band of 11 people, all working to promote the wonders of funkadelic music. There was an album release in 1992 under Virgin Denmark which was the only album ever to be released. This album was then later republished under EMI Records in 2005. The band stopped playing in 1998.

Egne udgivelser:

URD - Release That Soul, CD Single (Vokal, Musik & Arrangering)

Gæsteoptræder/medvirker i øvrigt på:

Diverse / Kompilationer - Rimlig Rar Rimlig Raa, CD (Vokal, Musik)

Diverse / Kompilationer - Tha' Funky Buddha Mix Vol. 1, LP (Vokal, Musik)