Steen Rock - Presents, Rock Science (The Mixtape), CD

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Steen Rock - Presents, Rock Science (The Mixtape)

Label: Selvfinanseret

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2005

Info: All manipulations by Steen Rock 2005.

Special thanx to Scratchmagic aka The Break Beat Jesus for sharing his knowlede of the rock!

And DJ Cars10 - Rock on, my man!


1. Prologue

2. Intro

3. Steen Says

4. This Rock Shit Is Mine

5. Uprockin'

6. Insomniac

7. These Beats Don't Lie

8. Don't Just Talk About It

9. Crowd Control

10. Welcome Back

11. Betty Jean's Mama

12. Rock Water

13. Rockim

14. Poppa Rock

15. Playin' The Game

16. St. Rock's Theme

17. Outro