Per Vers - Mokkamix, MP3

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Per Vers - Mokkamix

Label: Selvfinansieret

Format: MP3

Udgivet: 14. juni 2011



1. Mokka Mix Intro

2. Tin Tin & Hårtørrerne: Columbian Blend

3. Dave Dudley: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

4. Crazy Ken Band: Coffee Boogaloo

5. Bill Haley & The Comets: Fourty Cups Of Coffee

6. Coffee Break With Dennis Leary

7. Galt McDermot: Coffee Cold

8. Moondog: Coffee Beans

9. Flipper's Guitar: Coffee And Milk Crazy

10. Johnny Cash: A Cup Of Coffee

11. Lucille Bogan, Cow Cow Davenport & Tampa Red: Coffee Grindin' Blues

12. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters: The Coffee Grind

13. Interlude: A Smiple Guy's Needs

14. Diana King: Mi Coffee

15. Arrogant Worms: My Enemy

16. Ralph's World: What I Need

17. White Stripes vs. Bob Dylan: One More Cup Of Coffee

18. Jars Of Clay: Coffee Song

19. Minor Majority: The Smell Of Coffee In The Morning

20. Lightning Hopkins: Coffee For Mama

21. Coffee Break with Bob & Doug MacKenzie

22. Tony Avalon & The Belairs: Sexy Coffee Pot

23. Coffee Break with Twin Peaks

24. Bob Marley: One More Cup Of Coffee

25. Bob Dorough: Too Much Coffee Man

26. Toni Price: Too Much Coffee

27. Coffee Break with Brak From Space Ghost

28. De Nattergale: Kaffe

29. Per Vers: Black Power (Es' Espresso Mix)