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Pelding - Pelding

Label: Jazz Fudge Recordings

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2001

Info: All tracks written by Pelding and published by copyright control except:

The Rise and Good Shit written by: Pelding/K-Dub

Days In Shades of Grey written by: Pelding/Maya Albana

Psychiatric Help written by: Pelding/Motion Man - published by Paul Laster for NOG NOD Music (BMI) and Copyright Control

Lonewolf written by: Pelding/Moka Only - published by Mammal Music and Copyright Control

Here We Go written by: Pelding/Miguel Blackmer-Hart - Published by VirtuoReality, Co./ASCAP and Copyright Control

Breathe Through You written by: Pelding/Camille Jones

It's More Fun to Compute written by: Hutter/Schneider/Bartos - EMI Music Publishing LTD

Star of The Grand Opening written by: Pelding/Abdullah S/Camille Jones

StreetBuzz written by: Pelding/Obi

Out written by: Pelding/Rasmus Conway

Produced and mixed by Pelding

Recorded at Funky Fly, Copenhagen, Denmark (exept where noted)

Mastered at Playground Studio by Rune Zetterström and Pelding


1. Intro (0:59)

2. The Rise feat. Kdub (4:38)

3. Psychiatric Help feat. Motion Man (4:26)

4. Crumb (4:35)

5. Lonewolf feat. Moka Only (3:56)

6. Interlude (1:34)

7. Here We Go feat. Virtuoso (3:55)

8. StreetBuzz feat. Obi (3:35)

9. Good Shit feat. Kdub (3:46)

10. Fresh (4:55)

11. Syre (4:13)

12. Its More Fun To Compute (4:28)

13. Star Of The Grand Opening feat. Abdullah S (3:39)

14. Ultra II (2:40)

15. Out feat. Rasmus Conway (4:56)

16. Days In Shades Of Grey feat. Maya Albana (3:43)

17. Nocturnal (4:34)

18. Breathe Through You feat. Camille Jones (4:43)

19. Outro (4:41)