Multicyde - Multicydal, CD

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Multicyde - Multicydal

Label: Warner Music

Format: CD

Udgivet: 1999

Info: Executive producers: Multicyde & Tor Erik Hermansen for Tor Entertainment

Mastered by Espen Berg at Masterhuset


1. 1001 Lies

2. Not For The Dough Feat. Anèa

3. Serve On Feat. Anèa

4. I Thought I Told You

5. The Claptrap Feat. Anèa

6. Bilingual Flows Feat. Porno Per

Written by Larssen Naumann/Holst Hansen

Produced by Larry Lavish, Porno Per & SuparDejen

Per's vocals recorded by T. Keyser at Stovner Rockefabrikk.

Recorded and mixed by Dag Stokke at Studio Nyhagen.

Cuts by SuparDejen

Porno Per & SuparDejen appears courtesy of Helt Sikkert

7. It's On Again

8. Memories Feat. Anèa

9. Caught Up Feat. Anèa

10. All Good Feat. Anèa

11. Still Want More Feat. PaperBoys

12. Sophomore