Blue Foundation - Wiseguy & Hollywood, CD

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Blue Foundation - Wiseguy & Hollywood

Label: April Records

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2000

Info: Hollywood written, produced & mixed by Blue Foundation at Da Studio

Wiseguy written, produced & mixed by Blue Foundation at Superstar Studio

Mastered by Flemming Hansen


1. Hollywood (Original version by Blue Foundation)

2. Wiseguy (Original version by Blue Foundation)

3. Wiseguy (The Prunes remix)

4. Buli Buli Bass (by Blue Foundation & DJ Blackbelt)

5. Missing (by Blue Foundation)

6. Hollywood Misty mix (remix by 2/3 Pelding)

7. Hollywood (Cut Fujino Posse remix)

8. Hollywood (Future 3 remix)

9. Misty Beat (by 1/3 Pelding)

10. The Prunes Beat (Instrumental version of The Prunes remix)

11. Cut Fujino Beat (Instrumental version of Cut Fujino remix)