Nobody Beats The Beats - The Second Coming, Promo EP

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Nobody Beats The Beats - The Second Coming

Side A
Side B

Label: Sonny B Recordings

Format: Vinyl

Udgivet: 2003

Info: Infoen er hentet fra Nobody Beats The Beats - The Second Coming, 2LP da der mangler info på 12”eren.

All songs mixed at Lydsporet except * mixed by Rune Zetterström at C4 studio

All songs engineered by Rolf Hede and Laust Jeppesen except * engineered by Rune Zetterström at C4 studio

Mastered by Rune Zetterström at C4 studio

Executive Producer: Sonny B aka DJ Typhoon


Side a

a1. Abstract Soul - Can't I Be Loved

Produced by Abstract Soul

Vocals: Joy Morgan

Bass, rhodes, flute: Martin Swanstein

Recorded at Abstract Worx

Joy Morgan appears courtesy of Abudance Records

a2. Andreas Halberg - Sometimes

Produced by Andreas Halberg

Vocals: Phillip Owuso

All instruments by Andreas Halberg

Guitar: Martin Finding

Recorded at NiceTone

a3. Steen Rock - Since Me Ded

Produced by Steen Rock

Guitar: Jamie McLean (Dirty Dozen)

Recorded at Bordellet 2

Side b

b1. Context - Just Music

Produced by Context

Vocals: Grand Puba

Flute horn: E.T. (Dirty Dozenn)

Recorded at The Westend Longe/Showstoppers Empire

b2. Context - My Song

Produced by Context

Vocals: Lenny Mania

Recorded at Showstoppers Empire (Merry T)

b3. Nick Nack - Straight From The Heart*

Produced by Nick Nack

Vocals: ADL, Timbuktu & Linn

Recorded at Laust's Basement

Timbuktu appears courtesy of Ju Ju Records

ADL appears courtesy of EMI Publising

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